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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging


Many fires are caused by faulty electrical components. Thermal Imaging is a process in which a camera is passed over an area to detect infrared heat radiation from an object. This can reveal possible problem areas that may need attention to improve the safety and efficiency of electrical apparatus machinery or building structures.

From domestic to industrial, Thermal Imaging can locate any potential faults before problems arise, therefore allowing repairs to be undertaken before breakdowns occur, minimizing loss of production, reduction of accidents and savings on insurance.

Why choose a qualified electrician?

Using qualified electricians on your site means they are able to gain access to all switchboards and most faults can be rectified at the time of maintenance, which not only saves you time but money.

Thermal faults are presented in a full coloured report with thermal images provided and recommended action to be taken.

  • Overloaded cables in switchboards
  • Worn bearings in electric motors
  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • Loose wiring connections
Thermal Imaging CameraThermal Image


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